Sheepskin single rug – Wolf


This single size wolf sheepskin with its unusual  reddish brown tips on an ivory base  will add warmth, comfort and texture to your living area

Sizes shapes & colour tones will vary slightly as all rugs are individual and therefore no two will be exactly identical

Dimensions: approximately 90cm long

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Sheepskins are the ultimate for versatility and comfort with their super power properties making them ideal for modern living spaces.

Great for use  on a wooden, tiled or stone  floor to add warmth and style, but equally at home placed on a carpet to add texture to a living space , place a sheepskin beside your bed to step onto, use on an outside patio chair for an opulent look , adorn your sofa or favourite armchair with one, or drape over a bed as a statement that just shouts comfort. There is nothing quite  like the look and feel of sophistication you gain with a genuine sheepskin rug.

Our beautiful selection of natural sheepskin rugs will give an  effortless luxurious touch to your home.

Did you know that sheepskin has a big list of amazing natural properties?

Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Contains lanolin which kills bacteria whilst helping provide insulation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Durability – a genuine sheepskin will give years of service
  • Naturally anti bacterial & resistant to dust and mould growth
  • Wicks away moisture meaning growth of bacteria is less likely than in synthetics materials
  • Warm in winter, cooling in summer, It’s the original  super fibre!
  • Resistant to flame

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