Sea Breeze Essential Oil Fragrance Replenisher


Sea Breeze Essential Oil Fragrance Replenisher

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If occasionally you would like to replenish the fragrance on your shells or pebbles this can be easily done by sprinkling a few drops of the Sea Breeze essential oil onto the absorbent plaster pebbles or shells.  (You don’t NEED to purchase one of these with a new stacking pebble – the fragrance lasts for months, but it is a handy thing to give with the pebbles so it can be topped up in the future)

This can easily be done by placing the pebbles or shells into a plastic bag, a freezer bag or food sandwich bag makes an ideal re-fragrancing bag.  Sprinkle the oil inside onto the plaster and leave it to soak in for a few hours.

Your room fragrances will then be ready to go on scenting your home for as long as you wish.

Just a few drops is all you need – 1 bottle of 5ml fragrance lasts a surprisingly long time.